Replace Autumnal Aesthetics Hunt

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Springtime Hunt is Over!

I'd like to thank all of our sponsors, merchants, and those that participated as hunters in making this first event by The Aesthetic Hunt Group a smashing success!  I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and have benefitted with great new merchandise, great new places to shop, and great new customers.

Planning for the next hunt, The Autumnal Aesthetic Hunt, is underway.  This is scheduled to begin on August 15th and run until September 30th.  We plan to start accepting applications for merchants & sponsors by April 15th.  Please check back for updates.

Thank you,
Mikolish Orion

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The hunt is almost on top of us!

All the hardest work is done for us organizers. We have the blog Sponsor advertisements finished all except one. Hopefully that will be coming in soon.  We have a modest number of stores, at 34. 
Which I feel is a great number for specialty mesh body clothing. Kudos to all of the designers that decided to make this hunt special for all of the Aesthetic male bodies. 
The next big thing will be getting the Hunt gift pictures up on this blog. I have a couple already sent in, but the final Package will be sent to the Merchants on the 5th of February. I feel that many are ready to just pop the photo and the hint where they are putting their hunt gift , into the notecard and drop it off at the hunt headquarters building. This is going to start getting fun for all of us here in 12 days!
The aesthetics hunt organizers are looking forward to seeing all the hunters in all the stores getting the wonderful gifts that these wonderful Merchants have provided.

Time is getting closer to the start of the Springtime Aesthetics Hunt

If you are interested in applying for this hunt Please read the rules and regulations prior to filling out an application. We are still taking applications. We currently have 25 stores in the hunt and hope to have another 25 by the first of February. Please scroll through the blog and see what is going on. There are some really good stores involved in this hunt. We are lacking tattoos, furniture, more garden and landscaping, poses, dances, and other Household or sporting goods. So if you have any of those stores, please apply.

Gold sponsorships will be closed as of 9 PM SLT on January 12th 2017.

Monday, November 7, 2016

New Ad Poster

The time has come and we are ready to start taking applications for the Springtime Aesthetic Hunt. The Hunt will run from February 15th through March 31st. This hunt is primarily for Male Avatars that wear the Aesthetic body. There may be some stores that include clothing for classic avatars and other mesh bodies, it just depends on the store. No stores will be accepted unless they sell clothing for the aesthetic body or items that the aesthetic male can use, like poses furniture etc.. We sure look forward to hearing from more stores that are as committed to making clothing for the Aesthetic male body as we are.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Be A Part Of The Hunt

To Join the Aesthetics' Hunt Group copy the following information into your local chat in your Second Life or TP viewer. Click on it, then when the group information pops up click join. It is free to join.         secondlife:///app/group/428e6670-92d5-3d73-3786-a95134af444d/about 

If you are a merchant and join, please send a notecard in world to One of the organizers, either Emmalena Damour, Mikolish Resident, or rufpup Leonuv. so we can make sure you have a Merchant Tag.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

      This Blog is for the Springtime Aesthetic Hunt.  This is the first hunt we are doing, but felt the need for the Aesthetic Male Body users in Second Life to have a hunt of their own.