Replace Autumnal Aesthetics Hunt: ~EDD~ Emmalena Damour Designs and Emmalena Damour's Art Gallery

~EDD~ Emmalena Damour Designs and Emmalena Damour's Art Gallery

Store Owner: Emmalena Damour

My introduction into second Life was filled with Awe. Because of my Artists eye, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create. Within 3 weeks of being in Second Life I opened my first art gallery location. Well in 6 1/2 years a lot has happened. My holdings in Horan and Atira are just about 3/4 of a region. About 3 1/2 years ago someone asked me why I don't make clothing, so I started making clothing. The art gallery has been in this location for just over 4 years. The clothing store evolves almost on a daily basis. I create clothing for women and men. All of the fabric textures on the clothing are created by me. The templates for system clothing and appliers for mesh bodies is 100% designed by me using the SL UV templates by Robin Woods and Chip Midnight as a guide. I also am selling mesh and fitmesh clothing in my store. I have clothing for many of the Mesh bodies out there as well as for the classic avatar. By demand I include the Aesthetics Male in my list of clothing that I make.
Inworld Store: ~EDD~ Emmalena Damour Designs Marketplace link:~EDD~ Emmalena Damour Designs
Facebook: Emmalena Damour Designs flickr: Emmalena Damours Art Gallery and ~EDD~ Emmalena Damour Designs

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