Replace Autumnal Aesthetics Hunt: Gold Sponsor - maXplicit (by PBM)

Gold Sponsor - maXplicit (by PBM)

maXplicit (by PBM)

[maXplicit] is PBM's adult product brand, offering adult and BDSM related accessories, clothing and body enhancements tailored for mesh avatars, specifically Niramyth Aesthetic.

While PBM Enterprises has been in business for over 9 years, our love for the Aesthetic avatar and a strong belief in the BDSM lifestyle, inevitably lead to the founding of [maXplicit] in early 2015. Most tattoo designs are created by Max McMillan, while PeeBee McMillan is in charge of business operations and all other product lines.

Continuing to offer designs based on passion and quality, rather than mass-production, [maXplicit] by PBM will stay ... "Inspired by Obedience."
Second Life Store Location: [maXplicit] Male Adult Gear by PBM Marketplace link [maXplicit} on Second Life Marketplace
Mainstore Second Life: PBM Main Landing Point flickr page: PBM Enterprises photo page

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