Replace Autumnal Aesthetics Hunt: Gold Sponsor - Hardcore

Gold Sponsor - Hardcore

Hardcore Clothing and Tattoos

Owner: JayAlexis Resident
HARDCORE has been in business for about 2 years. I try to make some thing for everyone and make it affordable enough that anyone can come to the store and buy an outfit or two. We offer group gifts, we also do special events for example, we did 25 new outfits, for 25 days of Christmas, free to  our customers. I make clothes for all mesh bodies Aesthetic included because my husband has that body so if it says it was tested on or shows the logo it will work with your body as long as it isn't overly huge, lol. Any issues you have with the clothing, or if there is some thing you would like to see made, just send me an im in world and I will see what I can do. The hunt item includs a tank top, shorts and sneakers all for the Aesthetic body.

Inworld Store Location: Hardcore Clothing                     Marketplace link: Hardcore Clothing and Tattoos                    
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