Replace Autumnal Aesthetics Hunt: Gold Sponsor - Trimmer Bay

Gold Sponsor - Trimmer Bay

Trimmer Bay

Store Owner: Trimmer Navarita

Trimmer Bay has been building for more than seven years, creating jewellery and clothing and artworks, RP items, architectural elements and commissions for everything from family crests to entire sims. The Bay is on Mainland and has been there since day one. Our strength is in the high quality textures created by Trimmer Navarita and our product line is gradually expanding with beautifully textured templates from other makers and slowly but surely our own mesh clothing products. In the spring we will be launching a new set of eyes based on stunning artwork hybrid images and each set of eyes will come with a piece of art ready to hang on your wall.

Inworld Store Location Trimmer Bay                               Marketplace link: Trimmer Bay                                    
Website Link: Flickr: Trimmer Bay

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